About Me

Gergő Vándor

Full-stack software developer

Hello, I am Gergő Vándor, a 24-year-old Hungarian full-stack software developer and the founder of GerriSoft. I finished my studies in Computer Science Engineering with a focus on Application Development at the University of Pécs in January 2022. Since I was 14 years old, I have had a keen interest in software development and computer systems, which I have now transformed into a career. In my leisure time, I take pleasure in playing computer games and engaging in airsoft activities.

Why should we work together?

Web and mobile development

As an experienced full-stack web developer, I am equipped to handle the complete development of your web application. With your provided design and requirements, we can work together to bring your vision to life.

Many web technologies can be seamlessly translated into mobile development. So, feel free to approach me with your app ideas for both Android and iOS platforms. I'm well-versed in mobile development and can extend my expertise to deliver a robust and user-friendly mobile application.

Cutting edge technologies

I specialize in using .NET (C#) for backend development and offer the option of React (TypeScript) or Blazor (C#) for frontend development. I am dedicated to continuous learning and stay updated with the latest framework and language versions, ensuring that your application benefits from the most recent and high-performing features.

With my deep understanding of application architecture, I strive to deliver solutions that are easily extensible, updatable, and maintainable. By applying best practices and industry standards, I ensure that the solutions I provide are scalable and robust.

Furthermore, I hold an AZ-204 (Azure Certified Developer) certificate, which reflects my proficiency in building cloud-native applications. With this cloud-native mindset, I can leverage Azure services and design your web application to fully utilize the capabilities of the cloud.

Rest assured that by working together, we can create a reliable, efficient, and future-proof web application that meets your specific needs.


In November 2019, I began my journey as a backend software developer at Deutsche Telekom. Working at Telekom provided me with valuable knowledge and experiences that greatly complemented my university studies. After my time at Telekom, I transitioned to Dgital, a Hungarian software development company. At Dgital, I actively contributed to the development of a microservices-based application, which allowed me to expand and deepen my skills, ultimately leading me towards becoming a full-stack developer.

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of working with cutting-edge technologies at both Deutsche Telekom and Dgital. Additionally, I had the opportunity to collaborate with highly skilled and supportive developers who greatly accelerated my learning and growth.

These experiences have enabled me to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and develop my expertise at an accelerated pace. I am grateful for the valuable experiences and continuous learning opportunities that I have encountered in my professional journey so far.

Projects I'm proud of

Cryptocurrency analytics

TokenDOXX is a website dedicated to cryptocurrency collection, comparison, and analytics. Its key functionalities include token listings, category-based voting, commenting, advertising, and integration with various third-party platforms such as crypto exchanges and data providers. Additionally, it offers an extensive admin portal that allows the site owner to configure multiple settings, including dropdown values, approval or rejection of token reports and advertising requests, as well as management of advertisement banner pricing.

In terms of technologies, I utilized .Net 6 for the backend and employed Blazor with .Net 7 for the frontend. The data is stored in an Azure SQL Server database, and the entire application is hosted on the Azure platform.

TokenDOXX Paper Wallet App
Android app

This Android application serves as a companion to the TokenDOXX.com website, allowing users to securely store their seed phrases (backup passwords for crypto wallets). The application generates a 26x78 grid of random words and conceals the user's seed words within this grid. Users can retrieve their words by knowing their respective positions or even print them as a PDF for offline storage.

The application is developed using .Net MAUI (Multiplatform App UI), Microsoft's latest cross-platform framework that enables the utilization of existing Blazor code in Android apps. This framework facilitates rapid development, particularly for those who already have a web version of the application.

Real estate scraper
Hobby project

This application is a personal project that focuses on scraping ingatlan.com, the largest Hungarian real estate trading platform, to generate analytics related to price changes, new listing counts, average prices, and individual price histories for each property.

The application operates on a serverless architecture, specifically Azure Functions, which allows for efficient and cost-effective data collection. The scraped data is stored in a CosmosDB database, and the application performs this data collection process on a daily basis.

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